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Import materials : minerals and usable waste materials outside of China

Chrome ore

1. Chrome lump Ore of Indonesia:
Specifications as blew£º

Cr2O3 42% basis with 40% rejection
Fe 13% Max
SiO2 6% Max
Al2O3 20% Max
MgO 16% Max
P 0.08% Max
S 0.08% Max

Physical size£º 10-150mm 85% Min, below 10mm 10% Max
Moisture£º 8% Max
We also can supply chrome lump ore from Turkey and Iran.
Cr2O3 from grade 42% to 48%

2. Chrome concentrate of Inda

Cr2O3 50% basis with 48% rejection
Cr:Fe 2.3:1 Min
SiO2 5% Max(SiO2 7% Max)
Al2O3 13% Max
MgO 13% Max
P 0.009% Max
S 0.03% Max

Physical size£º 1-3mm 95% Min
Moisture£º 8% Max
We also can supply chrome concentrate with refractory grade Cr2O3 from 52% to 56% and SiO2 <1% Max from India, and we can also supply Cr2O3 grade 46% to 52% from Turkey. Those specifications could be provided as reqeust.



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