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Steam coal and coking coal

We can import steam coal from Indonesia, and also can import
coking coal from Australia, Lran, Russia est.

Specifications of steam coal:

Higher Heating Value (HHV) (Ar) Kcal/kg 5,300 Min
Fixed Carbon (Air Dried) 40.70%  
Total Moisture 25.00% 26% Max
Inherent Moisture (Air Dried) 15,18%  
Sulphur (Air Dried) 0.85% 1% Max
Ash Content (Air Dried) 4.80% 10% Max
Volatile Matter (Air Dried) 37.61%  
Grindability (HGI) 46,00 43 Min
HGI x HHV/ 10.000 23
Coal sizing mass above 50 mm 4.00% 5% Max
Coal sizing mass less than 2 mm 20% 25% Max

Specitfications of coking coal could be provided as vequest by customers.

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