New Hope Resouces Trading Company Ltd


As import and export trader :
Importing minerals from countries in Asia, Africa, Europe ect for Chinese end buyers or users. We also export steel products ect from China to India, South Asia, Middle East ect. Specially for chrome ore, Manganese lump ore, mill scale ect.

As market agent on purchase and sale :
Makerting minerals for producers outside of China to Chinese end users, such iron ore, steel scraps, mill scale ect. As purchase agent based in China for buyers outside of China, to purchase finished steel products, such as middle plate, seamless steel pipe, strape steel coil, steel billet ect

We are operating iron ore business in team of group companies. Actually my company mainly provide service before and after sale of iron ore, concretely is in charge of laision with iron and steel mills, with those of suppliers outside of China ect, communicate and coordinate with sellers, buyers and end users. My associate companies are play a role of signing contract, issuing L/C, chartering vessel ect.

Providing agent service with below advantages:

A. Staffs have strong technology background, as well as business experience;
B. Well done marketing channel and good relation with iron and steel mills in China;
C. Many years experience of maketing metallurgical products and achievement in quantity of sale;
D. We also have main business office based on China mainland

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